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Welcome to Hydra Aquatic Inc.

HYDRA's wetland plant nursery provides native wetland plants, aquatic plants and riparian plants. Our professional services firm is committed to the restoration of wetland and riparian environments and the creation of wetlands for wildlife habitat and water quality improvement. HYDRA's staff and professional associates include botanists, ecologists, engineers, planners, CAD technicians, and nursery personnel. HYDRA was founded by Ross Coleman in 1989.

HYDRA offers planning, consulting, design, construction oversight, plant materials and installation for:

  •     Urban wetlands, ponds, and stream corridors
  •     Wildlife wetlands and ponds
  •     Mine and tailings site wetland reclamation
  •     Mitigation wetlands
  •     Bioengineered stream-banked stabilization
  •     Riparian zone restoration and revegetation
  •     Constructed wetlands for wastewater and stormwater treatment

We assist our clients in selecting appropriate plant materials for their projects. HYDRA has a full-service native wetland plant nursery specializing in seedlings grown for wastewater treatment, reclamation, and wildlife habitat enhancement. HYDRA also offers custom growing and planting services, wetlands identification and delineation, and wetland and riparian vegetation surveys.

Hydra Aquatic Inc. is a contract holder with GSA. See our GSA Advantage page here .

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