Hydra Aquatic has completed more than 2,000
wetland & riparian projects in seven western states.



Hydra was founded in 1989 by Ross Coleman. Ross is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (Society of Wetland Scientists) and a certified Senior Ecologist (Ecological Society of America).

Hydra has completed over 2,000 projects in seven western states.

Over a period of 25 years, Hydra has developed efficient and successful methods for the propagation and installation of native wetland and riparian plants for a wide range of habitat types and locations, from low elevation playas to high elevation mountains and streams. 

Our project elevation range has spanned from 200 feet below sea level at the Salton Sea to 10,000+ feet in the Colorado Rockies.

Our extensive experience working in wetland and riparian habitats with their varied hydrology, soils, salinity, wildlife, land ownership, and multi-agency jurisdictions has resulted in the development of highly successful projects for our clients.

Hydra is proud to play a part in the restoration and creation of so many important wetland and riparian ecosystems throughout the West.



Find out about what we do to help restore wetland and riparian areas across the Southwestern U.S. 

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Our staff and professional associates include botanists, ecologists, engineers, planners, CAD technicians, and horticulturists.

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