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HYDRA's wetland and riparian plant nursery grows more than 200 species of herbaceous wetland plants, including 25 flowering/ decorative species and 40 species of woody trees and shrubs ( see plant species ). Our wetland plants are container grown from source-identified seed. HYDRA custom grows wetland and riparian plants and ships anywhere in the USA . Container-grown seedlings are the best way to establish wetland vegetation. Our container-grown seedlings are initially started in greenhouses and then moved outdoors for hardening-off. This insures the highest possible transplant rate.

We have discovered that container-grown seedlings have the highest transplant success. Container grown seedlings offer these advantages:

  •  Immediate availability
  •  Fully developed root systems
  •  Maximum genetic diversity
  •  Multiple plants per container
  •  Highest transplant success
  •  Minimize invasive exotics and undesirable species
  •  Overall project cost savings

Container-grown seedlings are often more cost-effective than bare root plants. Save money by planting container-grown seedlings in your wetland projects.

We have often observed the following scenario: the project manager orders bare root wetland plants in an effort to keep costs low. Poor transplant success then requires subsequent re-planting. Additional costs are incurred if invasive exotics, or undesirable species become established. Compounding the costs of bare root planting failure are expenses related to increased soil erosion and prolonged regulatory compliance issues.

Most native wetland species have extremely low germination rates under natural conditions. This works against most wetland projects where there is clear need for rapid plant growth to prevent soil erosion, meet mitigation requirements or water quality standards. For these reasons, HYDRA has found that the most effective and reliable means of wetland plant establishment is via container-grown seedlings. HYDRA has three climate-controlled greenhouses that provide ideal conditions for the germination of our native wetland plants.


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